Blue is a classic colour that never goes out of fashion. In my blue paintings, where the starting point is the biology of nature, the blue tones are most often decoded as sky or sea. My blue colours usually fade into turquoise, which makes the painting more warm in expression. I often paint in monochrome, with the blue tones flowing into each other in a calm flow. As a contrast to the blue, I love fluorescent pink, purple, green and orange. 


Blue paintings
Blue isn't just blue - the colour comes in many tones and shades. Thehue indicates whether it is blue-purple, pure blue or green-brown. Lightness indicates how light or dark a colour is. Color intensity indicates how pure the color is. If a colour is very dusty, it has a lot of black or white mixed in. 
Blue paintings



Colour symbolism

When talking about colour symbols, they are not unambiguous symbols. It is therefore not possible to lay down rules for the meanings of the individual colours in a painting. It is important to look at the context in which a colour appears. However, it is possible to establish some general symbolic values for colours. 

Blue symbolises love. Blue is the colour of fidelity and secrecy, but also of calm and cold, of sky and sea. 

After Picasso's friend Casagemas committed suicide due to unhappy love, Picasso suffered a severe depression and began his blue period, during which he painted a large number of paintings with the colour blue

Blue symbolises love. Blue is the colour of fidelity and secrecy, but also of calm and cold, of sky and sea. 


Blue painting



My paintings are colourful and light in expression. I have a large selection of colourful paintings here in the webshop. Many of our homes have become more simple and stylish in colour. We have white walls, wooden floors and shelving, and maybe a sofa in dusty blue or grey. That calm, stylish look can easily be given a little more energy with a colourful painting. In painting, colours are used vibrantly and playfully, colours bring life but also have light and calm. Colourful paintings don't have to be garish pops of colour, when the rest of the décor is very calm, it doesn't take much colour to create life and energy. Paintings with light pastels in the background or dusty dark earth tones are often very pleasant to have in the décor. I often put the brighter colours in the foreground and in the details of the painting, so that they don't dominate the expression.